Palmers Field was donated to the Parish Council some 12 years ago and is located at the Southern edge of the village. It currently hosts a Zip wire, BMX track, cricket nets and rugby field.

A charity, ARC (Aldbourne Recreation & Sports Centre, Charity No. 1161160) has been formed specifically to consider how best to expand the facilities at Palmer’s Field for the benefit of people of all ages and abilities within the village, and to obtain the necessary funds and grants to allow this to take place. The Trustees are all drawn from within the village, and bring a wide range of perspectives and skills to the task. We are delighted to report that the Parish Council has now received planning permission to provide track access construction to Palmers Field, as a first stage in this process.
It is further proposed to create a sports pavilion to support sports in general and in particular the Aldbourne Football Club. Future facilities that have been discussed for some time include a dedicated rehearsal room for the Aldbourne Band and The Big New Hut for our burgeoning number of Scouts and Guides. Other general use facilities that have been discussed include a Fitness Trail, Parkour Course and others.

The ARC Trustees would like to thank all those who have attended open meetings and submitted their considerations during the access track planning application. We must also thank the Parish Council for their support in submitting the track planning application from plans drawn up by ARC. Now, however, the real work begins: members of specific ARC workgroups and ‘Friends of ARC’ are coming forward as we speak, in the full knowledge that there is a considerable amount to be done.
ARC’s first AGM will be held on Saturday 2nd July 2016 at the Memorial Hall at 10am. All are welcome; details of various proposals will be available for comment after the formal business. The ARC Trustees are committed to listening to as many people as possible, in order to drive these developments in the best interests of the village as a whole; please do come along and provide us with your input (and offers of help!) on something that has the potential to be of major benefit to us all.
ARC Trustees


  • Sue says:

    Have just read the article in the Dabchick from Deborah Sheppard, which states that the project will be for the benefit all ages, all interests and all abilities. What about the dog owners interests that currently use the field to exercise their four legged friends. This field is one of the only places left to exercise our dogs off the lead away from roads and livestock. Couldn’t the bottom half of the field be fenced off for the use of dog walkers, of which there are many in the village.

    • rozzamozza says:

      Hi Sue,

      It’s a 5 Hectare site. There are no plans to use all of it. There are also no plans to ban any dogs (despite what a Dog writing letters in the Dabchick might think ;-) ). The purpose of the lease is to allow for the building of the plans stated here on this site.

      Personally I would also like a bridge over to South street to allow joining to track and walks up to Baydon but this is for the village to decide how best to use. Palmers field was left to the village for sports and recreational use for the whole village. ARC has been set up to take on that task based on what the Parish council voted by 8 to 1 abstention over 3 years ago.

  • Benedict says:

    I was wondering if building a skate park was being considered or could be considered because I live in rams bury and I am a teenager with no hope if going to a scale park because I can’t drive and my parents get back late from work and are too busy so I was wondering if you could bring that up.

    • rozzamozza says:

      Yes a Skate park is being considered mainly championed by the Youth Council.
      They have been fundraising for this if you want to help out etc.

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