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Thank you very much for supporting the New Aldbourne Scout and Guide Hut.

As well as the chance to win up to £300 you will be raising valuable funds towards the Big New Hut

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The 100 Club is currently looking for extra members.
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The Big Hut – The Rules

1.  The name of the club is the Aldbourne Big Hut 100 Club. Hereafter called 'the Club'.  The Club is based at Malthouse Farm, 21 South Street, Aldbourne, Wiltshire SN8 2DW.

2.  The Club is formed to raise funds for the building of a new hut for Aldbourne Scout and Guide group.

3.  Applications for membership of the Club shall be made to the Competition Secretary.

4.  The Club is restricted to 100 members only and will run in periods of one year commencing in September. The Club will be run providing a minimum of 50 members has enrolled. If there are less than 50 members, the Club will not be run that month and funds will be returned.

5.  Subscription rate is £60 annually to be paid by monthly Direct Debit of £5, or cheque for £30/£60 for 6 months/one year. Application forms are attached for return to the Competition Secretary, if necessary. Entry into the draw will be on completion of payment of the monthly subscription by either method.

6.  Each member will be allocated a number from 1 to 100 and this number cannot be changed within the Club.

7.  The management of the Club shall be vested in Big Hut Fundraising Committee, whose decision shall be final in any matter requiring adjudication. The Committee shall have power to amend or revoke these rules at their absolute discretion.

8.  Draws be held on the following basis:

    a) If the club has 50 members but less than 80 at the start of the competition there will be;

        i.  11 Monthly draws of £100

        ii. 1 annual Christmas draw of £200

    b) If the club has 80 members up to the limit of 100 at the start of the competition there will be;

        i.  11 monthly draws of £100 and £25

        ii. 1 annual Christmas draw of £250

    c)	If the club has 100 members there will be:

        i. 11 monthly draws of £100, £75 and £25 for first, second and third

        ii. 1 annual Christmas draw of £300

9.  The winner of each draw will be notified by e-mail or telephone.

10. The Club's accounts will be available for inspection on request to the Hon. Treasurer of the 1st Aldbourne (DABCHICK) Scout Group.   All surplus income over expenditure shall be paid to the Big Hut fundraising account.

11. Each member must be 16 Years old or over.

12. The competition has been registered with Wiltshire Council under the Gambling Act 2005 with number: LN/000008581 on 29th April 2014.