As part of the fundraising towards the Big New Hut we are running a Donkey Derby on Saturday 19th September from 12:30pm on the football field in Aldbourne. This will involve 6 Race Heats with a Grand Finale at the end from the winners of each of the heats.

As well as the individual races there will be other entertainment, food and drink for children and adults for the whole village.

Request for Jockeys
There are a limited number of places for Jockeys. These are offered preferentially to scouting and guiding for £10 per jockey. Each rider will get to choose their donkeys race name and their fame will be immortalised in the race programme to be distributed to the village of Aldbourne.

Riders must be less than 8 Stone in weight and accompanied to that start by an adult.

We expect demand for places to be high so these will be allocated evenly across scouting (in cubs + beavers) and guiding (inc rangers, brownies and rainbows) on a first come first served basis until 26th June and then open to the public, so please get your applications in ASAP.

Race Sponsors
As well as jockeys we are also looking to Companies to sponsor each of the races.
We are looking for sponsors of £100 for each race. As well as announcements on the day, race sponsors will have a place in our 8 page race programme which we will distribute to all 800 or so dwellings in Aldbourne. If you would be interested in being a sponsor please contact Robin.Morris @